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Group 8

Content Marketing

Working location: 4th Floor, 150 Cong Hoa Street,12th Ward, Tan Binh District 

Contact: [email protected]

What you will do

● Manage social media channels and build content including articles, images, videos, etc. to post on social networks and websites.

● Have a detailed content process for your social network.

● Write articles to maintain and take care of the site and social network.

● Responsible for the production of media content such as articles, image ideas, videos, etc.

● Understanding of Google Ads, Facebook Ads (Australia, Singapore, Vietnam & USUK markets).

● Building and developing the company brand.

● Planning, marketing strategy by month, quarter and year.

● Planning, setting up advertising campaigns and provide data for the Sales team.

● Love to research and catch up with market trends.

● Cost measurement report and results analysis.

● Well implemented all instructions of the Board of Directors.

● Develop new clients and service existing clients.

● Negotiate contracts and close agreements to maximize profits.

● Achieve monthly sales targets.

● Develop new business with existing clients and/or identify areas of improvement to meet sales quotas.

● Collecting customer requirements/market information.

(*) Job details will be discussed in the interview.

Your Skills & Experience

● Have good knowledge & experience about Google Ads, Facebook Ads.

● Have experience write content marketing in English.

● Finding and bringing lead generation to the Sales team.

● Good English reading, writing skills (require).

● Work well under high pressure.

● Ability to research by yourself.

● Dynamic and responsible for work.

● Have the ability to work well in a team as well as independently.

● Well-adapted to a dynamic working environment.

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