SEO trends in 2024 focus on creating valuable content


SEO has significantly changed in recent years. It's no longer just about having a website and ranking for keywords. Google's algorithms are also much more sophisticated than before, and how businesses use SEO tactics has evolved accordingly. Let's join SEO Mentor Linh Anh from SEO Mentor Vietnam to explore the SEO trends in 2024 that you need to update now.

The most crucial aspect of SEO trends in 2024 is still content.

Content remains king in most current SEO campaigns, and creating quality content takes time but yields significant results. Content optimized for SEO appears like new, valuable content that answers users' questions or provides solutions they are searching for. For example, if you are looking for information about "searching for website design services," Google will display the most accurate information, such as LinkedIn links shown below, and the keywords you are searching for will be highlighted.

he most crucial aspect of SEO in 2024 is still content
The most crucial aspect of SEO in 2024 is still content

Therefore, providing valuable and useful content to answer questions like "Why, How, Instructions, Tips, Searching, etc." is crucial in content creation today. Focus on making information that helps users rather than just for SEO purposes.

Additionally, you can enhance your articles by embedding videos to make them more appealing. An engaging video on your website can increase the duration visitors stay on your page, which Google considers a sign of your website's usefulness, thus improving your search rankings on Google. Moreover, videos also offer daily visibility opportunities when used on YouTube to market your business.

Careful SEO Data Analysis Before Each Project

Processing and analyzing customer and competitor data will help you gather information and better depict your customers' profiles. From there, you can tailor your 2024 SEO strategy by understanding which keywords customers are searching for and what their needs are.

Focus on Building Websites According to Google E-E-A-T

Google E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These are the criteria that Google uses to assess the overall quality of a website.


The experience of a website is demonstrated through factors such as:

  • The operational duration of the website
  • The level of user interaction with the website
  • The ability to meet user needs


The expertise of a website is shown through factors such as:

  • The knowledge and experience of the content creators on the website
  • The authenticity and currency of the content


The authority of a website is demonstrated through factors such as:

  • Recognition by reputable organizations
  • The number of backlinks from reputable websites


The trustworthiness of a website is shown through factors such as:

  • Transparency of the website
  • Security of user information

Google will rank your website higher if it adheres to these principles. Simultaneously, your customers will appreciate you and your business more.

Focus on Building Websites According to Google E-E-A-T

Optimize Websites for Mobile Display

You need to develop a mobile interface that displays properly on all mobile devices. Responsive web design is a concept that requires designers and developers to adapt and respond to the user's environment, including screen size, platform, and orientation (portrait or landscape). Therefore, optimize the interface, images, and speed of the mobile website interface to provide a better experience for customers.

Build a Logical Structure for Homepage and Categories

Arranging the homepage categories logically can help guide customers more effectively than other pages. This helps keep customers on the site longer and increases the interaction time on the website. If your website has higher customer interaction time, it implies that Google will rate your website better. Providing well-navigated content is excellent for enhancing the overall strength of the website.

Say No to SEO Tools for Websites

Currently, the market is flooded with many SEO tools claiming that using them for 3 or 6 months will get you to the top of Google rankings regardless of the competition. This is a misconception because to excel in SEO in 2024, you need quality content, not just tools. Moreover, using SEO tools can result in penalties such as being blocked from Google's index or permanently losing all keyword rankings.

Utilize Structured Data like Schema is a reference website that publishes documentation and guidelines for implementing structured data markup on websites. Its main goal is to standardize the HTML tags used by web administrators to produce rich results on topics of particular interest. Schema was developed by the collaboration of the four major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. When the content of each page on a website is specifically captured, it naturally ranks higher than pages not using Schema. This is an opportunity to improve your website's ranking in the search results.

Common types of Schema include:

  • Schema Article – for articles
  • Schema Breadcrumb
  • Schema Product – for products
  • Schema FAQ – for frequently asked questions
  • Schema Recipe – for recipes
  • Schema Local Business

Leverage Video Marketing to Increase Brand Recognition

2024 is the era of video as many platforms optimize for video daily like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook Reel. Therefore, using video to market your business can significantly reduce costs while the video runs 24/7, reaching all potential customers interested in your video's topic.

Above are the key points you need to know to better utilize SEO techniques in 2024. I look forward to seeing you in my upcoming articles.

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