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With nearly 3 billion people using Internet access devices in the world, it’s no wonder social media is considered as the one of the most important communications channels in the business world. Social media offer a great value-added benefits and solutions to increase brand awareness, increase conversion rates, traffic to your website, and enhance the customer experience. With such benefits, the question for you is: which social network should you use to connect your customers?

Social networking involves constant innovation and updating in a world of change. Hot trends today may be abolished tomorrow, so you always have to be flexible through the media channel. This is also the reason we help you list the social networks in the world so you can consider the right choice for your business.


The world’s leading social network with more than 10 years of forming and connecting people all over the world, Facebook has become a leading media network in the world where users and brands connect together in the same way. People can connect, chat,  share photos, videos and play games, live stream video…

Yes, an funny fact for you, Facebook has more 1,32 billion users everyday,

Namtech Facebook

Why should you use?

  • This is the biggest and popular social media channel.
  • Facebook have a hundreds of different and new features using almost every day (see the latest Facebook updates in 2018).
  • Promote your business by marketing paid tools.
  • Analyze your content performance by the powerful insight and understant about your audience.


One of the strengths of Twitter is the use of short language while the content is long that will make the reader more uncomfortable. Besides, Twitter limits the amount of content that users can share. Whether it’s 140 characters for the length of the text, 140 seconds for video or 4 is the number of images in a tweet , you’ll have to publish short and accurate.

328 million users with about 500 million hits a day on Twitter today, making it the premier social  channel for now. In addition, the swift of Twitter makes it more attractive to young people, with more than a 1/3 population aged 16 to 25 in the United States using Twitter.

Namtech Facebook

Why should you use?

  • This is one of the simplest ways to connect your potential customers directly.
  • Your brands can be provided to prompt and accurate customer support.
  • You can find new audiences by turn on the trending topic.
  • Analyze the performance of your content easily.


Instagram is a social network which can share photos, videos, especially is its digital filters. After Snapchat’s worldwide success, Instagram introduced “Your Story” in August 2016,  users can upload photos, videos in 24 hours.

700 million active monthly users have shared 50 billion images of now. More than two thirds of all users are women, most are from 18 to 29 and 70% are outside the United States, so consider keeping your content.

Why should you use?

  • Instagram users stick with the brand more than 5 times more than Facebook and 80 times more than Twitter.
  • You will expand your visual identity and communicate through images to convey your message.
  • Using #hashtags is a great way to reach a broader audience and engage in trending topics

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