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Pinterest allows users to choose whether to share content on “Pinboards” or online collections that usually around a particular theme. Pinterest is one of the social networks for art enthusiasts, with an unlimited number of collection, users can create or encourage interaction between users.

160 million monthly users are using this social network, half of whom live in the United States. And you maybe known that 80% of the users are female and 65% are in the community under 50.

Why should you use?

  • 93% of pinners are using Pinterest to plan their purchase! This is the ideal media channel for your business.
  • About 7% of traffic on website comes from Pinterest, second to Facebook.
  • Different from Tweets or Facebook posts, Pins are kept for a long time.
  • Reach specific audiences with Promoted Pins easily.


You can find all content on this huge video library. Launched in 2015, Youtube has become one of the most popular sites in the world

With 1.4 billion users on YouTube today, with statistics showing that 8 out of 10 people aged 18 to 50 watch videos at least once a month. Major user characteristics: 1: 1 ratio for men and women, 70% for mobile content, and 500+ videos for YouTube tracked fromFacebook.

Why should you use?

  • 50% of adults over 30 said they would be able to take action after seeing ads on YouTube.
  • Having multiple targeting options will help you reach just the most polential audience
  • It includes convenient methods to analyze your ad performance.

Google Plus

Similar to Zuckerberg’s creation, Google Plus allows you to share content or like, +1 more posts, comment, interact with other users, enjoy all the great Google products. With these options, users can decide who will see any photos, videos, or updates they upload using “Circles”, social collections to organize and embed. label connections.

There is no updated Google Plus user data, but if we rely on previously publicly available information, we can estimate that 70% of the users are male, and 65% are over 30 years old or older. Because this network is connected to Gmail, YouTube,.. it has nearly 450 million members, but only a fraction of it actually uses and posts content.

Why should you use?

  • Google Plus effectively supports the SEO efforts of your business.
  • This social channel is connected to Google’s My Business, making it easy for customers to find your brand and connect it.
  • The Google Plus’s Consumer Satisfaction Index is on top in 2017. Try it, you may also like it.


LinkedIn is one of the media channel  that provide solutions and information sharing among members of the system. LinkedIn has more than 433 million members and 106 million active members.

Services for LinkedIn include:

  • Recruitment services.
  • Advertisement.
  • And advanced user accounts.

Up to 50% of users come from outside the United States. Countries with a majority of users include the US, India, U.K and Brazil. The most active European countries include the Netherlands, France and Italy.

Men account for 61% of the total. People ages 25-34 and 35-54 account for 36%, while those aged 18-24 account for 21%.

Social Media – Connect your customer in a second

Why should you use?

  • Strong support for recruitment solutions for businesses
  • Rapid connection between user members

Social media channel is created in an effort to connect people together as quickly as possible. In the flat world, when all information is considered not to be anybody else, marketers should have the right communication channels in line with future development strategies.

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