What is Vue.js? How can we use it?

Nowadays, Internet of Things has become the popular trend and it is applied to a large extent in real life. There are more and more people are changing their habits to be closer to computer applications, they love doing online stuff, especially researching and buying things online. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs start concentrating on investing their own business websites. Vue.js is one of many simple and effective approaches for a newbie who wants to build his/her own business in the flat world.

First of all, we need to know what is Vue.js and How can we use it?

Vue.js is a new technology – a foundation which helps us to build the user interface. Vue.js is designed in a way which enables applications development with many steps. The core component can both operate by itself and combine with other components to operate smoothly as well. This can be considered as a strong point of Vue.js because it is simple to access and it is easy to integrate with other systems. In addition, Vue.js is completely able to meet the demand to build the single application, which allows combining with many different tools and supportive library. The advantages when we use Vue.js to build user interface is the short time to create the page and the limited space it occupies. This is also the reason why Vue.js has just run from 2015 but still soon has a strong stand in the market. It has been expected to be the foundation which absolutely will replace other foundations such as Angular and React.

Vue.js the new language which is simple for people who want to use it for the first time. In order to understand how Vue.js operates, we need to pay attention to three things which are Model, View, and ViewModel. Any application Vue.js is created by starting making a Vue: index.html

An application Vue.js includes an original Vue. This application is usually arranged into a thing including many different qualities. It creates the “father and son” relationship and it can be reused. The quality that “father” delivers assets to “son” via data and vice versa, the quality that “son” delivers messages to “father” via events. What you need to do is only inserting data into DOM and using a simple structure like this one:

<div id="“application”">
{{ message}}

Now let have a try and see the result! It is really simple, isn’t it?

Vue.js is truly a good choice worth trying compared to other new technologies. If you want to build interactive applications, you found the suitable tool already.

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